KOBALOS - single

by Goblin Hovel

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KOBALOS was recorded on spring equinox 2014. All songs written and arranged by Goblin. ©2014. Artwork and preliminary research by Alexios Ciancio. Mixed and mastered at Vagabond Studios by Tom Gerwitz.


released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: KOBALOS
Muses guide my tongue to sing
An ode to the amphora-keepers
A song for the maenad’s groves
Of the spirit strangers dwelling there

Souvenirs from bacchus journeys
Living essence of the soil
Colored red with ritual wine
And blood of wilderness . . .

The rogues who haunt the mountain groves
The drinking men of Bromius
The shifty dwarves of far flung shores
Let the spirits flow . . .

Io! Io! Kobaloi!

Take the sistrum in your hand
Keep your children locked away!
Our honored guests have been invoked
The bacchanal has just begun!

Though they are but strangers here
Their impudence is never less.
Are you ready to lie with Lust?
Are you ready to Drink with us?

*On, Bacchae! On, Bacchae!
The skins of beasts upon us
Io, Bromius! Io Kobaloi!
Come taste the nectar of chaos!
On, Bacchae! On, Bacchae!
With thyrsi in our hands
Io, Bromius! Io Kobaloi!
Let the ivy twist from the earth we stand on!

Thieves found by the son of Zeus
Clever tricksters amusing to see
Gifted unto Lydian crown
Evermore to drink and jest!
Track Name: Song of the Shade
I carry a coin on my lips
I see through a filter of grey
The leaking craft carries me
To a world of flameless smoke
Under the cosmic roots
In the vaults of asphodel
My hope is their memory of me
Here is a poison without root
Here is a cry without sound
As if I sensed the life I left
Through my own dead senses
I yearn to feel, the cold, the dark
To be afraid, to be anything
I cannot choose but walk
The feet that carry me are numb
The hands that guide me are bones
The staff I lean on is my coffin lid
I’m going blindly to my fate
All around me they sleep
Never dreaming, only walking
Somnambulating ghosts
Shades like me, but thoughtless
If this be a vision
If this be illusion
If I am asleep, alive
I pray not to die like this.
And my descendants
What of them?
Will they pour some wine
Into my grave-earth?
Weill they tell my story still?
As long as my line lives
I live with them also.
Track Name: Χθών
Aidas, Orcus
You who know all
Giver of wealth
All who take
Return to you
Stygius, Lethe
Cocytus, Phlegethon
Lead the way
And I will follow
This is wealth
I kill to have
Great one, I avert my face
Spill this blood into the ground
Can’t you hear the pound of fists
Rattling adamantine walls?
One day I shall stand before you
Shall I feel the bident twist?
Will I feel the three-jawed bite?
Or shall the golden gates be opened?