Wonders Gone Dark, Shadows Brought To Life

by Goblin Hovel

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A new step forward in the progress of Metal Folk music.


released February 11, 2014

“Wonders Gone Dark, Shadows Brought To Life,” a vernal harvest by Goblin Hovel, was recorded/mixed/mastered at Vagabond Studios in the shadow of our associate Thomas Gerwitz. All songs written by Goblin and performed by Goblin Hovel © 2014. Cover artwork by Grot, song-by-song artwork by Goblin and Tom Gerwitz © 2014.
Goblin Hovel is:
Goblin~ wooden boxes with strings, battered barrels, and vocal cords.
Tom Gerwitz~ mumbles, grumbles, birdsongs, and button pushing.
Alexios Ciancio~ spellsinging and hovel improvement.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: Lost In The Marshes
Track Name: Crineiga
Every man fears this place
Because of us
My kinsmen and I
Defending the old world

Slighted by the red-bloods
This forest shall have its revenge

They shall hear drums
From the roots of the world
As we rush like a river of blood
Spilled by our blades

We are the bane of bone
The banners of the blue moon fly
We are the teeth of the earth
Red caps flailing in the wind

Every time you scream our names
We come into existence

The coldest wind of the world
And the hardest stone on the hills
Could not match the chill
Or the hardness of our hearts

When the wind swept towers fall
When the famished orchards burn
When the giants descend from the mountains
We are awake

Taste the water fouled with blood
Feel the earth crack underfoot
Hear the songs of fanged maws
Scattered on the winds

Now in the eyes
Of the crescent moon
By the work of our hands
Man shall Know his oldest foe.
Track Name: Seize Upon The Pike
I see the blaze in your eyes
You are worthy to take the staff
To recognize the truth of what you are
And in spirit, be its agent of finality.
We stand upon the ancestral bridge
And I promise you it will not be lost
There is one of us who cannot fail
And one of us who shall prevail
Place your trust in Wrath and Lust, for they are the only constants of humanity
Take the living as your companions, but leave the wounded and the dead.
And if all are dead around you, know that in this strange way
you are king of this world at last
Track Name: Baalkryth
*Ongen, Gaalten, al Munneskapasten!
Kamoin, Kamoin! Tol brasseEstefasten!
Rois dur ol, rois der screk ochnd sloquen yv en saed
Far dit tahre hed komt far in rostefest!

Et gaaltegobschk ul Baalkryth vur sjutten yv in stun
Far lunghte tahre tonker ym et rosten drot.
Hin roister ap ochnd screkt “Jich val fendst min flaschk ochnd med!”
Saq hinsk versare roiset ochnd avbrutet mit hinsk grazh.
Dit grazh komt uvar fell ochnd brynt dit halle skalden noud.
Meba al di verl hed njan uf med er fleschk far gobschke folk.
Na ne gobschke mun sjakt in skalden skauten trop
Mid onge hamunschk konder rapft far kekas ym kysol!
Van kysolsaede stuppat ochnd in bagzh vor lettar ot
Dit rostenfest tak frolak ym Baalkryths nou smela
Hin sprakte “alle dur hed trenkt ochnd esten smekta got!
Na lessen as forbrut yv ase gobskalden skrala!
Track Name: Every Shadow Seems Alive
Lost in the marshes
Daylight fades and dies
Consumed in darkness
Every shadow seems alive

Do you take this path alone?
Does the moonlight see you quake?
The water seeps into your skin
Every shadow seems alive

Carrion bird calls from the trees
Hungry beasts about the earth
Hear and see the spirits laugh
For every shadow seems alive.

Tiny hands appear to move
Under every root and stone
Soil writhes beneath your feet
Every shadow seems alive

In this place, or so it’s said
dwell the spirits of the dead
Gnome and goblin, fey and sprite
Bring the shadows now to life.
Track Name: Dy Flaegyndir Oitryfmeve
Far lungte tahre in verbradst vor gifadt
Ym brass blo hemmle der dukkuh vor hirt

Fat sem bylske starr sem stun
Nur vor ym altihre kurrar un!
Vrukt din makina nya ro gaalt
Vae koll nemme dur, Gremalschk!

*res dur ol ochnd sloquen ym in nya ursurgkene
Kamoin rond in kysol vae nest hir dur stammere!
Vae trek ochnd trek ochnd slekt ochnd haid vur hundt tol hemmele
Far versare ym mennr dy flaegyndir oitryfmeve!

Ym hamunschke hangar muth eruplene skett
Gremalschke mun kam ymtae makinas venge

Van flaegt vas fadt ochnd komp vas vrot
Dy oitryfmeve vor avyg ert!
Vrukt dy plene rach ochnd vens
Dukkuh blexet ym murkla!
Track Name: Avsrit
nokt steg ym brassgaalt trangf
mun ochnd mon forslyf ys un
kragmalld spolmun vekket
gal aeghyte rapf muth kryft

sengyr saede uv mochken
uvyr al ym fjarg ochnd folt
rois hinsk hedt tol hemmle
vekt dy grunsig mon

stun ochnd wottr buq tol dur
flaegtr ochnd vald dur stamme
slekt dur skir ochnd cnek!

Spollkoangid Avsrit!
Ratten us yv ne spynvadindrir
Spollkoangid Avsrit!
Gjyf ess ynan saed!

Al skette veschin lyvdegt
Al andire fol tol murnkla
Ym skaldens skett dur lengt, gran un!

Spollkoangid Avsrit!
Gaalttrangf’s lis, olves koang
Spollkoanid Avsrit!
Dur folten bleddr gran!

Nokts vand
Rapf muth kryft
Schvort hemmle
Ryvt bylske av!
Grunsig mon
Gjyft hinsk mochk!