The Great Reversal

by Goblin Hovel

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“The Great Reversal,” a harvest of the cinnabar field by Goblin Hovel, was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Vagabond Studios in January 2015 through the sweat, blood, and tears of Tom Gerwitz. All songs written and performed by Goblin ©2015, except “City of Ghosts” written by Goblin and Michelle Bouffard ©2015, and “낮도깨비” written by Goblin and Alessio Cianciosi ©2015. Album artwork by Goblin. Logo by Grot, ©2015.


released February 2, 2015

The lineup on this record:
Goblin: guitars, percussion, cello, totem flute, erhu, dulcimer, vocals
Tom Gerwitz: voices and button-pushing
Michelle Bouffard: piano and vocals
Alexios Tha Goblvnz: chants and Mongolian Throat Singing
The Raintree Island Bash It Orc-estra (Ryan Zybert and Eric Prigl): percussion.

This album draws heavily from traditional far-eastern Asian music and philosophy. Any similarities to actual folk songs, modern or otherwise, are purely coincidental.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: Splinterskin
“Mei lehes Téniap’d Nemehs.
Mei lehes Nat Dokkaebi.
Ic liú siewle albe lehes Téniap’d Nemehs”

Blurred and buried
Have they all forgotten I was here?
I walked the paths to disappear, an exile through the mist
Hollow and weary
Is this cursed stream to be my home?
It washed away the spark that kept my memories alive

I sensed you felt the same
As I fell into your heart
If we must fall, we fall together
I swear I will not let you down

*O, wounded one!
I am here to share your sorrows
The spears that hang from you
Will be no more than splinters to me
On and on, Over and over
I will take your pain from you
Until my skin turns to wood
And neither of us can know pain again!

Yellow banners
Marked by crimson blood shed in our trials
I plucked the needles from your hands and cast them to the sky
I am your words
And the wooden mace in your left hand
You bear my mark and so I will not let you suffer

The amethyst deceivers
Fade like the years we have survived
We are as ghosts exiled
But still we have our history

fullness fades ever away
absence decays, follow the way !
Track Name: The Earth Roars
Underfoot and split wide screaming with a geyser of old blood
Every dying prayer coughed to the sky
All the sacrifices are rejected by the gods at last
For a cause I never wanted to succeed

My bones were shaped to blades
My skin was tarred and armored
The fiery blood I called my own
Was bent to burn the loyal ones

Will of wisps where bloodred lights hang like foul lanterns from the boughs
Beat and trample down even the will of weeping gods
I fought fire with fire and I emerged with bloody victory
This earth is mine, they’ve finally lost control

You hear my cries of pain
O wounded one, drown in your error
Every time you screamed our names
We came into existence

*we are the maelstrom that’s been tearing lands apart
We are the eyes that have watched from the forest
Everything around you goes bump in the night
Close your eyes and pray, but we’ll never go away!

Eoü reah mei ýréc’s fu nýep
O dénuoü’d anu, nüoréd ný eoüen rura
Irava amýt eoü maerécs’ed suon amen’s
Suo amec utný ecnetsicse
Track Name: Broken Circle
Mirror, Mirror,
Under the ground
Show me where
my soul is bound

light and fire, circling the void’s maw
falling deeper beneath the ground
headlong into future unknown
born and dying without end in sight

the wheel turns, the orbit of immortals
summon souls from the boundless mass
vision strains, luminous in darkness
eyes captive of the holy glass

In this state,
In lukewarm transparency
I can’t remember
was I spirit or flesh?

Down, past the steel forest
Where blades scrape my sins away
Through the boiling cauldron
Where my doubts are burned to steam
The iron web is swept aside
The gates of life are open wide
This will be my final chance
I am falling back to life!

Rurým, Rurým,
Radno lehes dénuorég
Üohés mei arahu
Mei lous albe dénuob