Revered Revenant Of Irreverence

by Goblin Hovel

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released August 28, 2016

“Revered Revenant Of Irreverence,” a slashed and burned harvest by Goblin Hovel, was deftly recorded, mixed and mastered throughout the spring and summer of 2016 at various locations through the omnipresent magyck of Chris Sirgey. All lyrics by Goblin © 2016. All music written and performed by Goblin © 2016, except where noted. Artwork by Joshua A., © 2016.
Goblin Hovel 2016 is:
Goblin: guitars, cellos, bass, percussion, yueqin, erhu, chanter, crystal goblets, mouth harp, balalaika, Appalachian dulcimer, vocals.
Daniel Barbour: Vocals
Jason Roman: electric bass
Britt Wagner: drums & percussion
R. Bruce Pollard: Bouzouki, vocals
Peter House: banjo, vocals
Dillon Ethier: acoustic bass
Michelle Bouffard: Piano, vocals
Joshua A.: percussion, artwork
Chris Sirgey: mumbles, grumbles birdsong and button pushing.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: The Menace
The revenant irreverent bathing in bloodshed
the sylvan entities bleed chlorophyll from green to red
you were doomed
for every second you're awaiting in the woodlands
the cold caress of carbon claws clutched in their green hands
here's your tomb

even a drop of rusted plasma bodes a visit
to turgid tongues 'tis truly tasty and exquisite

what came first, the stories or the menace?
what lives on, the murder or the legend?
(what dies first, the murder or the legend?)

I never claimed my co-conspirators cadaverous
they're only eager to augment my avid avarice
give me mine
A grinning ghoulish face awaits within the darkness
is it a wonder how the stories got their start? it's
killing time
Track Name: Pride In Grey Eyes
Eyes watching from above
wings stretched across the wall
here I will never watch in vain
I born of harsher fires
I bathed in colder rains
no harm will come to us this day
form I am forced to take
honor I will receive
though I desire no great price
love does not keep me here
duty, I show no fear
I am a sanctified device

I am the only one who keeps the devils at bay
awake I stand on guard, aware, atop this place
a sculpture given life that burns through eyes of grey
made to watch over all under the roof I grace

bright stars my only fire
rain is my only wine
I need no comfort in my role
I born of mother's bone
I pride of father's hand
here to defend their mortal souls
all rest is for the weak
closed eyes are for the blind
for there is work yet to be done
steadfast against the storm
eternal at its post
though I may be the only one
Track Name: Revered Revenant Of Irreverence
Serpents and spiders, your darkest desires
deviously weaving the web of events
seraphs are silenced for devout defiance
desperately trying to mount a defense
ghosts guide your hands and conspire in your soul
with true intention the action is whole
they keep you awake as you lie in your bed
firebrands ablaze as they conquer your head

All in error say "I"
give me your weak minded for my endeavor
with me, you rogues! We don't want to live forever

Miniscule do-gooders burned down the neighborhood
forcing the hunters and wolves to retreat
prey became predator, there is no competitor
playing the victim they beg for defeat
Insects, infections, the pestilence falls
one curse is still unconstrained by your walls
it keeps you awake as you lie in your bed
and opens the graves of the heroes who bled
Track Name: I Give You The Soil
when the harvest ended
the citadels burned down
and in the dust I painted
the sickle in red clay
drumbeat echoes
across the skyline
traced in the starlight
the diamond in green clay

Others give their wealth
as if you hadn't more
Others give their blood
I give you soil
when the temple's fallen down
and faith has left to die
and when to dust we shall return
I give you the soil

Taken by the water
locked in my reflection
in my hand I cradle
the chalice in white clay
fiery eyes observe
piercing cloud and armor
in their light I trace
the fountain in black clay

every facet of the crystal
a fractal of my conscience
whisper old familiar lines
one folk, one folk-lore, one of them!
Track Name: Fallow Fields
I tasted iron on my tongue
before the leaves turned red
I have seen the embers fail
in the wake of harvest pyres

and the coldest season is yet to come
I can feel it in my bones
won't you leave a flower for me
as a token of what we've done?

I heard crow song in the woods
as the clouds obscured the light
I have built these walls of stone
to ward against the night

I watched the stems break through the soil
before the sun returned
I reaped the fruits of all our scars
after all the cities burned
Track Name: Return To The City Of Ghosts
I had to speak my father’s words
I had to cry my mother’s tears
I had to walk my teacher’s path
Because I forgot my own
Pulse and pace forge ahead and I forget
Do I walk or fly?
In my memory pictures I recall
In my passing sigh

Is this a mirror reflecting my past?
Is this my future in a crystal ball?
Do I soar up hollow towers
Or down endless wells I fall?

I don’t recognize my voice
I don’t know whose skin I’m in
I don’t think I have a name
And I don’t think I will
I dreamt I stretched my hands and walked
Through an open door
Bells as if from a distant temple rang
As the thunder’s roar

In these strange rooms the fires whisper a name
Visions of three faces melting to one in the same

Calling my soul to the place of its birth
Ethereal origin between hell and earth
Seasons unchanged in these long mortal days
All fades behind as I depart the way