Our Haunted Garden

by Goblin Hovel

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released July 13, 2013

recorded throughout the years of 2010 and 2012 @ Mark Custom Recording, Inc. Under the watchful eyes of Fred "Heavy Freddy" Betschen. Artwork by Derek Schultz, Tom Gerwitz, and Jim Gerwitz © 2013. All music and lyrics written by Goblin and performed by Goblin Hovel © 2013.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: Something Strange
Everyone in this forest is going to the festival
We are joyous jesters, We are folk of silent groves!
I’ll take you where the bloodred lights hang like foul lanterns from the boughs
Eager to become your greatest fears!
Aren’t you afraid of the blackness?
Aren’t you terrified of moving shadows?
Your house is dark, and you’re alone
And by the way we stole your riches.
we are the maelstrom that’s been tearing lands apart
We are the eyes you can sense in the forest
Everything around you goes bump in the night
Turn around and count to ten, we’ll never go away!
All my friends have iron pikes and spirits darker than the grave
All my inhibitions died a thousand years ago
I fought fire with fire and I emerged with bloody victory
Smeared across this cap upon my head.
Isn’t this a strange place for hide and seek
When you lose your way in wicked trees
And a million hands seem to grasp and claw
Dragging you back to face your fears
Track Name: Lord Of Misrule
Hunched upon a wooden throne
In the caverns cold and dim
Dancing shadows cloak his form
Mankind fears to gaze on him
Casting mischief with a smirk on his face
From his hovel under the roots
Singing songs of trouble to come
Soon his hordes shall be afoot.
goblin laughter in the depths
The smell of ale upon their breath
Fly through forest, march through fen
Creep to haunt the towns of men
Mighty king with painted face
Wielding sacred wooden mace
On his head a rusted crown
He will turn the world upside-down
Man and beast are running scared
As the horde swarms o’er the hills
Screaming with a savage glee
Never sleeping, never still.
Now behold the painted king
Strutting through a town aflame
Calls for all to join his ranks
“Who shall come and play my game?”
goblin faces in the dark
In their eyes a laughing spark
Men and goblin join as one
For the mayhem has begun
Empty flagons in the mud
Mischief running in their blood
Goblin flutes play all around
The world is turning upside-down.
Revelers cavort and dance
On this night, the feast of fools
The sight brings laughter and delight
To the heart of the Lord of Misrule!
goblin faces in the dark
In their eyes a greedy spark
You do not know fear or shame
Set the bleeding hills aflame
Breathe the chaos from the fire
Ghoulish hordes that never tire
Make the sky repeat the sound
Of the world turned upside-down!
Track Name: Skraptifs Saed
see the Goblin Hovel EP.
Track Name: Spellsinger
See Goblin Hovel EP.
Track Name: Burn The Skin Away
Warm was the light in your eyes when we met
Now cold is the night I will never forget
This hut has gone silent since that autumn day
I left my belief and I threw you away
In this heart an emptiness grows
Can faith get us through this? We may never know
Clinging to legends and shallow belief
I lay my head down and I dream of relief.
The music has stopped and the players moved on
The voice that was singing is faded and gone
The forests and lakes are now spiritless holes
There’s no one left here. I will not be consoled
In these minds the memory is dead
Will no one remember the heroes who bled?
Festivals follow, for what we don’t know
There will be no harvest. We reap what we sow.
The one that I loved has since fled from my side
And the empty earth drank of the tears that I cried
the beauty is gone from the summer sunrise
I’ve watched the world wither so I’m closing my eyes.
In these souls the fear will remain
With all else forgotten my deeds were in vain.
I will still weep when I think on that day
When I burned the legends, the magic, away.
Track Name: Goblin Hovel (instrumental)