Loveless, Loreless, Lost

by Goblin Hovel

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“Loveless, Loreless, Lost,” a withered harvest by Goblin Hovel, was recorded throughout the summer of 2015 at Macrocosmic Studios through the blood sweat and sacrifice of Josh Mason. All songs written and performed by Goblin © 2015, except “Swallowed By The Trees” which was written and performed by Goblin and Ciancio © 2015. Cover artwork by Grot © 2015. Track photography by Goblin.

May or may not include bonus tracks from the Inheritance demo.


released August 19, 2015

The Performers:
Goblin: Guitars, cello, bowed dulcimer, mandolin, balalaika, percussion, dizi, vocals.
Chelsea Carnahan: Vocals on “Famine’s Orchard” and “Garden Haunt.”
Michelle Bouffard: Vocals on “The Road Home”
Ciancio: Vocals and Throat Singing on “Swallowed by the Trees” and “The Road Home.”
Dan Barbour: Vocals on “Stifled Song.”
Josh Mason: Lead guitar on “Straw Bones,” production.

This album was written in the darkest emotional and spiritual time the band has gone through to date. It is dedicated to those who are dead, and those who are not but wish they could be.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: The Road Home
I spent my days in search of former times
I looked in front of me only when I had to
The walls came up to meet my blinded eyes

But the halls we walked ten years ago
Are the same today and so

You, disc that burns up in the sky
gaze down at us as we lie
it’s the same old dirt
and still the same old sun as yesterday

Is the steel our soldiers taste at all
Different from the swords that we claim were better?
Is the longer life we seem to prize
Worth more than the full short lives of ages past?

The faith of hundred years ago
Is just as flawed today, and so

The disc that burns up in the sky
gazes down at us as we lie
it’s just the same old dirt
and still the same old sun as yesterday

the sky is still as blue as it once was
I cant say it will be that way forever
But why insist on dwelling in the past
When all the futures seem the same to me

There’s nowhere that we haven’t roamed
We’ll always take the same road home
Track Name: Stifled Song
Silence, never sing again!
I know your voice will
resound cacophonous
against this beauty
even the dovesong falters
as ravens croaking laughter
my song is rootless for her
Powerless and vain

There are no words
There is no sound
I lie awake
Sleep, my dear, forget I said this

If I gazed to heaven
If my words formed gems
The brightest star would fade
The clearest gem would break
And if I told you this
Would you believe me?
My faults are havenless near her
Mirrored in her eyes
** Lay you down
Just so I know you can rest
I brushed aside her tears
Sapphire stories I’ve rewritten
There are no words
There is no sound
I lie awake and stare into the dark
Sleep, my dear, forget I said this
Track Name: Straw Bones
Crows calling
Circling above
Wind blowing
through the fallow field.
Still standing
Man of straw
Beaks tearing
Sackcloth skin

Ravaged by the elements, A silent sentinel, thankless one

I stand here in an empty field
The stones of broken walls around me
Rooted to the spot, but rootless
Eyes drawn shut, hands aloft
Stitched lips scream silently
Towards the gray and deathless sky
the days and the nights
a blur, for someone like me

keep staring
the skies are open
threads fraying
limbs decay
upon the pole
the cobbled idol stares
prey for black wings
in a field where no one’s there

devil take the soil, rain take my legs, scarecrow . . .

use my bones to build your nest
take my skin to clothe your young
leave the lifeless icon here
but keep me from the fire
Track Name: With Your Shield (Or On It)
This day is not what it was promised to be
I cradled your broken body and washed thee
And still I question how could man be this cruel?
Yet he who thinks war comes bloodless is a fool

The battle flags are tattered, on windless fields
We begged and pleaded but they would never yield

The wine we taste at feast will no more be sweet.
When I remember your dead eyes, Love, I weep
Your hands that took mine and vowed with me to stay
Now waxen pale, and bound for naught but decay.

Your broken armor mirrors my broken heart
That bleeds, as did yours, when we were torn apart
I cannot forget the blood and battlefield
After I have seen you lain on broken shield.

And soon, my love, if hope does not dare to steer me false
We will be together in the shadowed halls.
This field has not been the same since the war began
Its flowers drink your blood where we laughed and ran

Now as they lower you to your boundless tomb
I can almost taste the permanence of gloom
The death of you will soon cause the death of me
And I will follow, to where we both can be.
Track Name: Famine's Orchard
Do the people know
Where all their prayers go
In their being satisfied
Bodies blackened shrunken dry
The trees are heavy with fruit that was born to rot
Hands that reach to grasp the boughs find themselves starved of souls
They are the water
Feeding the roots of the parasites
To bow before the masters
All the idols grown from wood

We drink from the water
Bled from evil’s root
Will we learn to cry for the fools sake
They come to cleanse their woes like silhouettes in the fog
To grasp the diseased fruit ripe in famine’s orchard
They crawl from the mire
Shades within the haze
Carry the weight of sin
Marked for retribution
The wood of the walls cries out stained with the souls of yore
Bleeding with smoky sap manifest apparition!
Track Name: The Trespasser
Old blood old woods
So often they are bound together
Cold stone cold bones
Under one is buried the other
Oaths made shapes fade
These lives will not go unremembered
Thick mist, roads twist
Into halls that hide our memories

silhouette rising in the distance
enshrined upon the pallid hill
Terror urged the intruder to turn
And still he moves to greet our gates

Then, the mansion came to life
And though the night was still and silent
The graves and gardens sighed
And the voices sounded for the first time.
The windows began to glow
As if expecting his arrival
And the doors, locked for years
Yawned wide at his coming

There is no turning back now
Within the candle-lights flicker
And the air seems dead
As the doors creak shut behind.

"Something tells me the haunting’s just begun . . ."

New silence in the halls
More shadows in the corridors
The candles flicker on the walls
And the wind wails through dead gardens
And as I watch her from the window
She seems to somehow come alive
A recurring dream or nightmare
Conceived by the house itself
Beauty both horrific and forlorn
Trapped behind the gates of stone
And the sight turned us both weak
When her glance met mine

One perfect hand plucked one perfect rose
crying harshly through her song
beautiful and devastated
as porcelain cracked upon a tombstone.
Cold blood in mortal veins
Seen through tattered drapery
Yet because of him I realize
None of us never truly left.
Track Name: Garden Haunt
Forgotten gaze of life
From the fountain's pool
It was I, peering from
The water, still and cool,
Fueling life anew
In cold October air
Reflections in the mist
I see you still wandering there
When we used to walk through the orchards hand in hand
I'd swear I'd return to you in the Autumn garden where we stand
I am here now
Bound to you in death
The roses on the vine
Weep to black
I know you're here
I walk the garden path
Amid the fading green
I have returned.
When I used to wait, gazing at the starlit sky
I swear I'd see you here on paths we tread before you died
When I looked at you and whispered "here I am"
I cried and bowed my head, for I know you did not hear me
Track Name: Beauty Lives Here Still
From the bones of my abode
I watched you fade like mist
A trace of eerie ribboned light
I wonder if the same happens to me?
I am captive in autumnal chains
Til the haunting starts again
Knowing not what would become of you
Obscured but never absent.

Every day you linger
Transparence intensifies
Even memories
Die one day
Track Name: The Fallen House
I see a light through the grey
when you speak to me
though to others you appear the fool
singing to an empty room.
I try in vain to comfort you
A wind through the curtains from the other side.
And though I was never truly there
You see me for who I am.
Would that I could fill the empty silent halls
Show others that you do not love in vain.
Yet here, in your world, I am thin air
A flickering image only you see meaning in.
Trust me when I say, it is you who keeps me here
It is you who makes me real.
I would release you if it was right to
I would tear this curse down brick by brick.
All I can offer is a hand you cannot grasp
I wouldn't blame you for moving on.
Know that even when you can't see me
I am there, and my thoughts are of you.
Words of farewell were spoken long ago
And you left me soundlessly
And I, unable to leave this ruinous place
Collapse atop my bleak inheritance.