Lord of Misrule

by Goblin Hovel

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contains the first songs written by Goblin Hovel. The three acoustic songs that originally appeared on this album are identical to the ones on Our Haunted Garden and will not be appearing here for that reason.


released December 15, 2012

produced by Fred "Heavy Freddy" Betschen. All songs/lyrics by Goblin. Goblin: all instruments/vocals. Tom gerwitz: Vocals. Tom Jurkovic: Drums. Strix: Vocals. Scrythe: choir vocals.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: The Forest Walks
From earth they rose in wretched pain
To leave the hillside bare
They have caught the wicked stench
Of woodsmoke in the air
The fury of the timber shakes the earth
And roots unyielding and gnarled
March against the towns of man
To reclaim their world
A wrathful fire is burning
Deep in the ancient woods
The trees begin to awaken
With a thirst for human blood
Down from the mountains out from the fields
They wake and they take flight
The old, the young, the trees have come
Children of earthbound might
No man is safe when the forest walks
Everywhere they spread
Steel won't pierce their wooden skin
Fire won't leave them dead
Finally their hour has come
For they've endured too long
The pain of humans in their lands
It's time to avenge their wrongs.
Track Name: Eldfest
Five trolls wandering through the wooded land
Walking staves clutched in their taloned hands
Path leading to a cave in the rock
Here they repose, a fire they start
In the cave their eyes behold
Mountains of silver, bronze, and gold
Hunting weapons adorn the wall
Along with several wooden pints of alcohol.
Prost! The forest glows with fire from the cavern as we sing
Skoal! The fire cackles with a strange delight
Hey! The meat is roasting smoke is pouring out the cavern hole
Oh! We drink until the ending of the night.
Vilz grabs hold of Kurzde's arm
Wheeling in a mad jig in the dark
Korven kindles the angry flames
Paying no attention to their foolish games
Kroek is bragging of his journeys last night
As the cave is shining bright
Skuld brings forth a tankard of mead
The trolls drink more than they'll ever need!
Track Name: Dragon Flagons
Little tavern in the deepest woods
Perfect place for the wandering man
On its sign stands the fire wyrm
Drink that scorches like a firebrand
Courage in this flagon will set your soul aflame
Raise a pint and raise a shout the firebreathers sing this song
Songs of battle, songs of the wild with the fire of the dragon burning strong
Pours like magma from these pints
Steels our skin against the cold
A warrior's brew in truth; ye are wise who drinketh here!
Dry your tears, throw your cares away
As you take a draught the world disappears
So challenge if you dare, the whole world all at once!
Track Name: Legends in this Wood
In the sunlight we bend our backs
For there's much work to be done
We stopped only for wine and for rest at night
In the shade beneath the trees
In the starlight we share our tales
As we sit beside our fire
Of the heroes of old and of sagas they told
And the creatures of the wood.
Wind and rain, Months and years
Sun and sweat, Death and rebirth
There have been many Legends in this wood
that will be told through ages to come.
Of how in the ruins the old heir hides
And the shadows goblins haunt
Of the trolls in their cave dancing round their fire
And the spirits in the walking woods.
From father to son these words have gone
And they fall on eager ears
For there's wisdom and sense in the tales of the past
And the legends must live on.
In this hut in the woodside fields
We know the legends are all true
We have known all these things for centuries
All the legends in this wood.