La Citta Dei Tre Volti

by Goblin Hovel

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La Citta Dei Trei Volti, an urban harvest by Goblin Hovel, was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Vagabond Studios throughout the vernal season of 2017 by our lord and master Tom Gerwitz. All music written and performed by Goblin Hovel ©2017. All lyrics by Goblin ©2017. Artwork by Grot ©2017.


released July 30, 2017

The players:
Goblin: 6-string guitars, cello, electric bass, percussion, balalaika, yueqin, erhu, khoomei, vocals.
Damn Barbarian: vocals
Rawbeard: bouzouki, vocals, bodhran, whistles
Dr. Ethereal: bass, melodica
Petuh: banjo, mandolin, 12-string guitars, kazoo
Bloodwitch: drums, percussion
Michelle Bouffard: vocals
Robert McLaughlin: Igil, Khoomei
Tom Gerwitz: mumbles, grumbles, birdsong, button-pushing.
Mel Ashley: Hovelbitch.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: The Knife In The Pillow
The sun has yet to rise, smothered by these cloudy hands
This essence is unknown, the stranger in a mundane land
It flickers as the candles in my darkened cell.
It howls as the desert wind that sweeps my tower walls
It gnaws as pangs of hunger in cloistered indifference
It echoes as the footsteps in my empty corridors.

Strange one
Sharp and

My sky has visible scars that testify its many trials
They bleed ephemeral rain from gashes going on for miles
She stares with white unearthly eyes
She danced on spirit’s feet suspended just above the ground
The light fractures into prismal spectrum circling all around
Around the space she leaves behind.

Strange one
Sharp and

Be without care
Be without fear
Be without wants
Finally, be free

My new god has 3 faces
My tower, stripped of all façade
In my fields, in my wake
The gatekeepers are all aflame.
Track Name: Kasydra
Falling or sinking in total emptiness
Leviathan shadows swim through the abyss
I stand unbreathing in islands of wealth
Atop the corpseless shells of those who came before

Eye, Devourer, Unfathomable depth
That dwarfs the flames that consume and inspire
Ignis tenebrarum terror, elation
Great snake Kasydra, I knowingly lost my way

Rubeus et negra I define you thus
Give form to the formless and spirit to the motionless
I force my words and eyes beyond the nuumite lens
I steal the secrets its guardian defends

I am existence
I am nonexistence
I am the unkillable
On the wings of the matter-dragon

Track Name: Trangfylkslys
Kam randt din fuheld ol
Hjer stammere myn
Av trangfylk ymtae skald
Elskre alcohol und seng!

Ne ynsenim kyld nock
Gobischke trangfylk futsjolt
Ymtae din brasurtraume
Nek lys fur din folt

*trangfylke trekt din hjyl lysmak
Fur din alcohol hinsk gischmakt
Aioi fur trangfylks schrack
Fuheld kekas al hinsk lyg!

Nur hinsk vendure
Brenne av alcoholtyrsk
Otvor ochnd ymtae skalden
Is trangfylkslys!
Track Name: The Jasper Wall
Sound ye the horns of war
Stand and defend your selves
For all is here and now
Trapped in a living cell

I never knew what lay behind the mask
I never saw the treasure I had sworn to keep
Chained to this beaten corpse, my prized identity
Obsessed and stuck in this time I clung to what they saw in me . . .

As a sculpture to its maker
As a candle to the sun
Like sand before these desert winds
We are scattered and undone
My senses scream, the jasper wall is breached.

In my discarded hope
I stand to save my own
With my back turned against
These walls of blood red stone

Where we fell, I see it clearly now
The grand deception is falling down
Destroyed and free, another whole
Now for all to see, the night sky of the soul
Know you now, the lapis wall endures
Track Name: Glass Sparrows
That winter’s day I heard the song
When the nightingale cried
It killed our world, and in an instant
Glass sparrows fell from the sky

The hero and the serpent
Engaged and became one
A moment lost in nihil
Then the deed was past and done
So many lovely predators
Wherever you may go
There’s no place for such treasures
In a world of flying stones

*How could you shatter their wings and survive
How cruel would it be to keep the memory alive?
Nothing now but secrets sealed behind the broken beak
I wonder what the shards would say if only they could speak
Brother knows best
And he knew nothing then.

Pious and clairvoyant
We thought we knew it all
But the hands that fold in prayer
were too slow to stop your fall

Trusting in the spirits as if
They can lend a hand
Empty as the footprint
Where we all refused to stand
They said that man is noble
Merciful and good
So why do they say nothing
As you sink beneath the mud?

A lover’s caress
Can mean nothing then.
Track Name: Hero In The Head
Always here
Under the stairs just
Waiting for your footsteps
Can’t you hear?
Fears and failures
Are upon your doorstep
Know my face
Until too late
Look at your reflection
Match and wait
This is our fate
You will learn to love it
*Do you ever think about what you’ve done?
Cuz you should see what your world has become
I rather like the glow of the flames you spread
Make me the hero you saw in your head
In the wind
It begins this
Curse cannot be broken
Hides the stench
Of the rotten
Promises I’ve spoken
Forth and back
Cackling as these
City streets are blazing
True or false
When you’ve lost
Control of all your legends
Track Name: Borokol
Jich kenne trangfylk borokol ve snydde yv din skald
vor schrakiscke fur din borokol vor lungte tahre gaalt.
din borokol hudt knugfe zog/ hinsk broek vor sloqt tol vendural.
Yekka, yekka, schrakischke sagt, din brasse gaalte borokol!

Ho ho ho gurlykr myn schkorr!

Din hamunschke vor vendur hjur vyn borokol kam ot
Ochnd bazgh ett hinsk brass stammer “kamoin fylk ochnd sloqr fot!”
Ven sahr gobischke trangfylke kam sloqt tol ol vor bled
Din kryske ghixvett lungt ym skald ochnd vendurfylk fill ned.

“JEJ! Jich broek tol lyst myn schkorr po fuheld!! Ahhh, din schkorr vor kaalyi vekar ven lyst tol fuheld! Vekar ym schtik ym trangfersch ochnd FAKHtele bledrosts kap!”
Track Name: Nostos
Intention lost at sea in tides of Obligation
sails cannot hold the breeze, you know the implication
and if you find yourself adrift, will you know who takes the blame?
If you should feed the waters you'll find they were not yours to claim

What I feel becomes what's real
I've made this world and now
For good or ill it's turning still
and forcing me to kneel

The flames of constant motion lick the walls of our resolve
the burns we suffer here kill us before we can evolve
and if you end up in the pyre will you care what happens then?
If you should fuel the fire would you choose this path again?

It seems to me this came to be
Through our collective dream
for good or ill we're dreaming still
We all must wake and face it now.
Track Name: The Recluse
The cloisters of my sanctum
Will no longer be
Empty when my imagination
Catches up with me
My mind, my monastery
Turned upon itself
And all that was once holy
Has become my hell.

Light plays from wavering lamps
Across the face of haggard gloom
Willingly, I trapped myself
In this isolated tomb
The walls of my personality
Closing me in this night
The hands of my time remaining
Dismantle my will to fight

Every devil and hobgoblin
In existence has visited me
They whisper of deeds undone
And what my world could be
My thoughts are a figure that waits
Leering from empty rooms
My fears are gibbering demon mouths
Whispering of my doom

(includes hidden track "The Socialite.")
And so we dance, and as you take my monstrous hands
ask if there's anything behind the paper face
Oh my dear, you know there is no meaning, the truth is so demeaning!
This life's a revel, a rebel carnivale,
so come on closer, take my veins and cut your fill
oh my dear, it doesn't get much better or stay the same forever
And now you know the secrets of our fold
disrobing slowly by the candle's glow
this life is spilling from a crimson glass
what can we hide from you today?