Goblin Hovel

by Goblin Hovel

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Zhakathoom This is hysterically funny, entertaining, novel and not to forget great music. The folk bit of it makes this a tankard-swinging, feetstomping fest of an album. It tells it's tale with confidence, and in my mind rightly so. Favorite track: Skraptifs Saed.
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released November 19, 2013

Goblin Hovel, a solemn festival harvest by Goblin Hovel, was recorded during intermittent days of the Autumn of 2013 at Mark Custom Recording, Inc. Fred “Heavy Freddy” Betschen presided over the rites. All songs written by Goblin, © 2013. All songs performed by Goblin Hovel, with additional production assistance by Heavy Freddy, Kevin Murphy, and Vince Seidel. All artwork by Derek Schultz and Tom Gerwitz, © 2013.



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Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: Goblin Hovel
Drift beyond the conscious sphere
Through the trees by moonlit paths
Leave the dying fire to burn
Fading as you tread the ground
I am running on the paths (Have I given into panic?)
Winding through the forest (Or fallen for illusions?)
There is mist upon the pond (Revealed, struck by moonlight)
The silence echoes back (another voice responds with mine)
It is they who peer through the dark
Empty eyes from hollow ground
I realize the peace to come
night folds its wings around me
Catch a wisp between my hands (to watch the light grow stronger)
Like a bat it tries to fly (strange and dark, but fragile)
And though I cannot see the shape (opaque, and blindly welcome)
Memories that I never had (come back to haunt my second soul).
In this enchanted garden
Where shadows stalk beneath the moon
The Strangeness of this knowledge
Casts a shadow on the ground
Track Name: Spellsinger
Sound of the strings can awaken the storm
Strains of the flute calm the venomous wyrm
Voice on the wind and the kantele’s cry
Brought fruit to the woods and the sun to the sky
Oh summer why have you gone?
Winter frost has gripped my aging bones
I have waited far too long to rise
Roots and earth and moss have caked my eyes
Fly for me eagle to the old man of thunder
Carry my voice through the sky torn asunder
Fly for me bee to the land of the dead
To the mill of all pain where the lost sons have bled
hills rise at my whisper
Mountains fall on my breath
Waves rise up as armies
Madrigals that bludgeon death
Rise fire from the woodland
Rise iron from the sea
Rise music from the caverns
Joyous let the people be
Track Name: Skraptifs Saed
Skraptif vor yn gobischke mun
Nur vos ym altihre brassar un
Gran vor hinsk ochnd gaalt is hel
med fuheld ochnd scverd, saigten verl
Kamoin ochnd sloquen durvin skire
ver vadundrire vendur vald
fro hur vos skraptif schrackischk lund
trekt al ul ym hamunschke bargh
drypt ilveschk versare med hinsk hund
yn rosten uyghet merkt urt hinsk
ym starnu vor hinsk hadt yn vond
skupsjolt ymtae undrae lund
sjunt sjoele tol helgrond
Track Name: Witch's Cauldron
Even though your eyes are open
it is impossible to see
the magic boils around this place
the skin crawls from its cold caress
Fire! Fire! Bring the torches
Moonlight red from celestial cloud
Blaze above this strange concoction.
spiritual pyre burns red to match
eldritch lights dance upon the cavern walls
shadows twist as they lead towards the depths
the fire appears to come alive
let’s see what you will become . . .
yellow eyes in the darkness
they have been called to the ritual place
gaze into the cauldron’s mouth
taste the broth of madness
Sap bleeds and boils from iron crock
Sustenance for starving ghouls
reborn through countless deaths
Under fire and frost from the moon.
Malice is brewing
Spirits are stirring
Feed your curiosity
Dare to look inside.
Track Name: Ghixsurgkene
Rostkapt Gobschke
sahen Rosthirn Ilv
veschin slektr ev
broekte slekt yn an.
Ym brassgaalt skalde
Muth yr urtraume
Jich ryfev dur vengen
Vae surcht skalden schrack!
Gres beyr, vande haol
Traumkyd steg vun vae spall
Traumr kammot vrotfylt
Broekte lungt ym tast.
Gaaltbierch Granstarn
Veschin nyvgurg
Kinnes ynsenim
Broek tol sloquen sprukh.
Buqr grankapt noud
Cnekke tol ess
Verfur dur egr suyl?
Broek vae Ghix ym tast!
Yn ban ochnd an
Semslyngt mad svag sturr
Vorstap ghixdansen
Tuk fruleskin svem.
kun dur nekt ess lyss yn?
Kun dur sahe vae optegkt?
Kep dur musge hedt ev ess
Broekte lungt yn tast!
Track Name: Wooden Skin
I sense your life is slowly fading
I hold you in my many arms
Could I see a face through the mask of flesh
A spirit that is worthy of my name?
In the future come what may
If the mist will ever leave
Cover soil infertile, overgrown
The name is all you have
I know the light is swiftly fading
Broken cages on the ground
Wrapped in wraithlike white and violet blue
But somehow your blood’s no longer red.
Can you hear these arrow words?
Can they pierce your wooden skin?
Be that as it may, I won’t leave
The web that I call home
Void between the burning and the drowning
Where my loyalties collide?
The roots were gnawed, and vines were cut
Is there nothing left of us to see?
I spoke as the thunder
My child you have become
What your fathers have never dreamed
This legacy is gone
And this path has been tread before
The breath of man it’s heard
Through the haze of the garden’s path
I hear your dying words.