Blood Among The Leaves And Water

by Goblin Hovel

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(Choked tombs breathe lackluster sighs in the damp autumn night air. I can feel the spirits within stirring from their shallow slumber, but I am not afraid. That is why I came here. There is no better way to entertain oneself when one is on a long journey: stop and listen to the stories even if the mouths telling them have been closed for years, sometimes forcibly. I do not know this graveyard, but it is well known in rumor. Nobody who is buried here died peacefully. Nobody who is buried here rests easy. That is what the rumors say. Blue light flickers on the surface of the swamp that drowns this little cemetery. And so my hosts reveal themselves, one by one, to share their tales. . . .)


released November 11, 2015

“Blood Among the Leaves and Water,” a cursed harvest by Goblin Hovel, was recorded, mixed and mastered throughout the harvest season of 2015 at Vagabond studios through the toil and trouble of Tom Gerwitz. Songs 1, 3, 6, and 7 written by Goblin© 2015. Songs 2, 4, and 5 are traditional 18th and 19th century songs, arrangements by Goblin and Peter House. Song 6 contains an arranged excerpt from John Dowland’s song “flow my tears,” written in 1596 and arranged by Goblin for cello. Artwork by Ciancio. Logo by Grot.
Goblin: strings, sticks, skins, screams
Tom Gerwitz: predatory growls, stitching and fermenting.
Peter House: Banjo and Roc City Ramblin’
~those who don’t survive the darkness become the brightest lights.



all rights reserved


Goblin Hovel

A genre-defying band that entails the cooperation of several artists from several bands of several genres under the direction of a nameless Goblin. They present a view of the modern world through the lens of history, mysticism, and mischief.

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Track Name: Cerulean
Flicker out of sight
The pictures all wear her face
She won’t lift her hands
I mourn her more than fear her.

The hurt and senseless slaughter
Her blood among the leaves and water
Painted in her mourning dress
In the colored earth that covers her

The blue aura terrifies me so . . .
I won’t let her leave empty handed.
Empty air has never felt so close . . .

Warnings of the actress
Painted in white and blue
Echoes . . .

Away the sordid sorrow
Wearing her like a ring
Ceiling . . .

The moment she returned for revenge
The hour hands hold more than hers do
Fearing . . .

The poisoned outlast the joyful
This very song a curse to end the
Track Name: Rogue's Reel
I left my home and I left my job
Went and joined the army
If I knew then what I know now
I wouldn't have been so barmy.

Poor old soldier, poor old soldier
If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have been so barmy.

Gave me a gun and a big red coat
Gave me lots of drilling
If I knew then what I know now
I wouldn't have took the shilling.

Sent me off on a real old boat
hell, she was no beauty
far away to the wars we went
Afore to do my duty
Fought the Russians, or was it the French?
Really couldn't tell, sir
All I know is they fought so hard
They sent us all to hell, sir.

I was sent home in a big old box
To rest was my intent, sir
They sold my gun and my big red coat
And into the ground I went, sir.

rose in the churchyard to walk one night
That was how they found me
Back to De Soulis in chains I was sent
And to the earth they bound me.
got me a pike and a bloody red cap
and sat on the heath I did, sir
and now that I list for a soldier again
The devil himself’s me master.
Track Name: Nerlhein
Mochk bloskynne luyse tol fuljh
Fur dur vor vendre, jich gyf yn gjyfr
Yn prauye yv trangfvulkes kryft

Din Merkuirt undyst kam
teum furkholdt ys hamunschke
Lonckt din drygma tol glyz
“hjur vor undrehg ess otvo hjur”

“jich skal vigr dur
Andre follr tol murnkle
Jich ardruckt ym fyonne
Var nympate boddr
Myn golt aeghyte segt ochnd pynschkr
Din flysk yv gaednnae gjenurk sten”

Ecktas yv nemme ym kennemme
Erte blo luyse spa otvo hjunde dur
Noudgrev rodgschke aur gaaltrangf votte
Fylksgyskyrt ochnd grazh urthrag uvtre grevhaf!

Hjer din schrackh fro heluch ym fjyll
Hjer din aeghvettr fro aurboske
Mennyr din spyndevadne yv din vol
Mennyr din tjaoll fro din skalden ym nock!
Track Name: Blood Among The Leaves And Water
I defend the soil, the promise that I made
When all was as it was before
When ground would bare its teeth as if to claim the prize
I force myself to look away. the wheel has turned, and still shall turn again
The predator will take the prey
To us within, this cycle stands as law

Ever I rest assured, my power undenied
These sacrifices shall persist
Ochre tombs are creaking open
Voracious graves glut themselves on the weak

The web that I’ve woven, ensnares
And shall persist
Another soul is mine and lost forever
In the marsh’s ghostly mist
Track Name: Hiraeth
The sun escaped the night woods
And crept up to the sky
Surprised my eyes
With light amid this graveyard

Hollow, hurt and haunted
By stories long kept down
The buried souls fade like morning mist
And leave no trace

The tombs have all gone silent
And I am here alone once more
My mind is full
And it wrings my soul to know

Hollow, hurt and haunted
They left me with their tears
Their burdens and their memories
And I can only give them away . . .